Web Design

Web Design – The beginning of your online presence

JYT Media provides a complete website design and development service. It does not matter what industry that you are operating in, if you need to get onto the World Wide Web, then JYT Media is happy to help. The design and development of your website will be crucial to the level of your success online. Many companies will have a very clear vision of what they want to achieve but will not have the tools to express that vision in the form of an effective website. JYT Media understands that most organizations prioritize their core business above any information technology issues. Therefore we are happy to step in and facilitate your online presence while you concentrate on your other priorities.  We do not only stop at giving advice on website design or development, if you so wish JYT Media are quite happy to build your website for you.

The first principles of our websites are that they must be able to convert your visitors into buying customers. We ensure that they are easy to maintain without the too many technical skills required of the website owner. It is also important to JYT Media that the websites that we design for our clients are up to the minimum standards that have been agreed with the major search engines such as Google. We will undertake a detailed review of your business in order to advise you the best ways in which to market your services online via a website. Our teams of web designers will be on hand to test and deal with any glitches that may affect your website throughout its lifetime.

Getting yourself a dynamic website

One of the signs of a great website is that it is dynamic and meets the needs of the customers who visit it. JYT Media has won awards for its careful use of the latest web design techniques including cascading style sheets (CSS) and W3C standards. The mark of JYT Media designed website is that it will be dynamic and will follow the white hat techniques that are recommended by industry experts. Our clients have consistently provided us with excellent reviews of our week and recommendations to their own peers. They note that our web designs enabled them to increase their customer base and the speed with which they were able to handle transactions. Our commitment to customer care is second to none.

If you decide to open up a website design and development project with JYT Media, we will commit to a minimum of set standards that are available to all our clients. You will have access to a dedicated account manager as well as full consultation to ensure that your web design is unique and appropriate. We will consult you in terms of using the most relevant programming languages for your industry as well as giving you advice on the types of content categories that will add most value to your website. JYT Media runs a full content management system (CMS) that enables clients to alter their websites with the least amount of difficulty.