Helping you to earn an income from your visitors

JYT Media prides itself on a first class pay per click service to its customers. We look to provide advice and support to people who may want to join this industry as well as those who just express an interest in pay per click procedures. We believe that it is not worth it to waste time pursuing a strategy that will not work. JYT Media operates on the principle that Return on Investment (ROI) is the best indicator of performance. Our clients are consulted on a regular basis to ensure that they are happy with the services that we are providing. Customers are at the heart of our project planning and implementation.

Once we agree on a given level of ROI, we will do everything in our power to ensure that that commitment is honored. If there are any problems with the PPC campaign, our customers will be updated at the regular review meetings.


You may be wondering, as an online business, about the possibilities for using PPC management as part of your marketing mix. The reality is that most online business has some form of PPC element to their work. Our PPC services at JYT Media are up to the best industry standards. Our customers only pay for ads that have received clicks. We will manage your campaign on a day to day basis to ensure that you are getting the best returns and are protected from the scourge of click fraud. Our team of specialists at JYT Media provides a reactive as well as proactive service to any changes in the PPC market and we will keep our clients updated. Where necessary we can advise on program development and trouble shooting. In reality we are providing the full PPC package that you would expect from the industry. Our client portfolio speaks for itself. Standing at more than six hundred active clients, we have been able to retain up to 90% of them. This compares very well with the industry averages.

The benefits of opening up a PPC campaign with JYT Media include an increase in the overall market share that your company enjoys online. This is based on our aim to ensure that you increase your brand awareness. Our processes are geared towards bespoke and targeted advertising that ensures that you only get the surfers who might be interested in your product. Everything that we do is based on verifiable performance management figures that are made available to all our clients on a regular basis. JYT Media is committed to developing your brand by working to do extensive research on the niche keywords that drive your chosen sector. Our PPC analysts will have the latest industry information and techniques to ensure that your operations are running at optimum levels. We run a series of in house tracking programs that provide you with accurate and relevant information.