Learn SEO tools for better search engine optimization

The most important thing used to do search engine optimization is SEO tools. These SEO tools are needed to configure the website for search engine optimization. Here are the descriptions of various SEO tools.

Adsense Calculator: It allows Google ad sense users to calculate how much they can earn daily monthly and yearly. Inside the calculator Daily page impression, Click through rate and Cost per click are the necessary term to calculate the earnings.

Advance Meta tag generators: This allows us to add Meta tags to our sites. It makes the website more visible in search results.

Alexa Rank Comparison: It shows the traffic information of any website using millions of Alexa toolbar users. It gives the details of site search in 3 months and its full description.

Code to text ratio: It measures the information about the text and anchor text from the website pages and represents a content ratio based on this information. Higher code to text ratio means higher chance of appearing in the search results and maintaining a good page rank. Search engine uses the code to text ratio in their index algorithm.

Domain age: Age is the major factor for every websites. In respect to new domain older domain may be get a low ranking in search engine results.

Keyword suggestion for Google: This tool helps us to find a relevant and popular keyword for web site pages. How many times a given term occurring is the main concept behind the keyword suggestion.

Indexed pages: it will return u all the possible links count for URL via searching in the entire search engine. This will vary search engine to search engine as it depends to search engine how much they have crawled the links.

Keyword cloud: It provides details of keyword in a websites. We can see the keyword with higher density easily.

Keyword density: Search engine determines that which term of websites is more relevant. The accurate keyword will produce higher search engine results. It will be balanced throughout the websites correctly not to long not too short.

Link popularity: It emphasizes the link between the WebPages and different websites. Search engine used it to determine the website position in search results. Site with more inbound links will get higher position comparison to similar site with fewer links.

Page Rank lookup: It describes the popularity of any websites. Higher the page rank higher is the popularity and more viewers to that websites.