Be successful in SEO by applying SEO methods

Search engine optimizations methods are the important part used by the webmasters to get higher page rank or more visitors for their sites in search engine results pages.  There are different seo methods available some of them are listed below.


Google and Yahoo, the leader search engines use crawlers to find content and pages for their respective search results. If the pages are linked with another search engine they did not need to submit as they are searchable easily and automatically. Set fee or cost per click is the paid submission service used by the Yahoo for crawling the web pages. They do not provide guarantee of the page ranking within the search results but provides guarantee of inclusion in the database. Yahoo Directory and Open Directory Project are the two major directories; they require human editing review and manual submission of web sites pages. In case of Google it uses Google webmaster tools. Xml sitemap feed is necessary to ensure that all the website pages are found and submitted free for Google webmasters tools. Some pages which are not found easily are recovered by this. There are different factor which are considered during the crawling of a websites by search engine crawlers. Positions of pages from the root directory of a website are also a good factor for crawling of pages. Search engine does not crawl every page of the websites.

Preventing crawling:

Webmasters can give instruction to spiders, not to crawl an undesirable page or content in search indexes. This is done by robots.txt file in the root directory of the domain. A page can be excluded from the search engine database by supplying the Meta tag to robots. Robot.txt file gives instruction to search engine that which file is first crawled and which file are not be crawled. Login specific pages e.g. shopping carts and user-information content are the general pages which are prevented for being crawled by search engine. In 2007 Google gives notice to webmasters not to index the internal search results as these pages contains search spam

Increasing dominance of pages:

There are varieties of other method used to get a webpage shown up in different search engine results. They are:

Canonical Meta tag is used for URL normalization of web pages via multiple Urls. Keyword stuffing is the process of adding relevant keyword to a web pages Meta tags. There are cross linking and link farming is the other ways to increase page rank for the websites.